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Sep. 18th, 2011 09:42 pm
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... Rawr.
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As the days past, he fell into despair, and didn't quite lose all hope... )

That train of thought is likely what provoked him to leave the village for the night, after meeting with Rapunzel, the only person he felt compelled to talk to then.  At least, it was going to be for the night, or a day or two... but after spending a lot of time alone in the forest, lost in his thoughts, it turned out he needed a lot more time than he thought.  When he finally comes back out nine days later, things seem a little brighter.  Sultan managed to find him at some point after wandering aimlessly from what was at one instance a zoo and for the first time it occurs to Beast just how much he appreciated the gesture from his pet.  And as he treads back to House 17, his heart is hit by several overwhelming emotions.  Belle - the farmgirl - it was her -
and he hurt her...  It is all so confusing, but suddenly the attraction he recalls having for her when he was Adam seems all the more clear, and finally, all of these strange feelings that rose up in him so often in the past were evidently what Aang and so many others had anticipated.  And it at once unnerves him and fills him with joy.

He does not forget the rest of Luceti however... and even if none of them will ever know who he was, he is in debt to all of them for what he had done those two weeks.  As soon as he returns, he pulls out his journal and prepares to subtly apologise in as honest a way as he thinks he can.]

Hello, everyone... in, L-Luceti.  I... I am sorry for, uh, last week.  I don't know what happened, but it... w-was... still... uh... ih... it w-wasn't r-right.

But I would l-like to know how... wh-what happened to you by the... i-in the, end.  And how... you're feeling now.

[After getting a few responses and having a long-needed talk with his housemate, he wanders the village again.  His main goal is to visit all of his friends (the ones still here anyway) and make sure they're alright.  He will talk to anyone who bumps into him, though, unless they're someone he remembers badly from last week.  Then it's hide-and-go-seek.]
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Cut for juicy retrospective. )

The hot breeze switches him fully to reality and he slowly stands up... why did his torso have to be so large?  Thankfully, he has the journal with him this time and, with few rips, manages to open up a page to call his housemate.]

Belle... I... I'm back.  They... l-left me in the woods.  I'm coming.

[He knows she will try and meet with him, but he's going to try and find his way to the village anyway.  It's bad enough that he woke her up at this time anyway.]


[Much, much later in the morning, close to noon, he is strongly encouraged by Belle to make himself present over the journal to inform Luceti of his return.  And very much not wanting to let her down, he does just that, turning on the video in his room.  His hair appears a bit disheveled, but beyond that little has changed.]

He-... g, good morning.  Uh... I have returned from the... Malnosso.  Be- uh, I-I thought you would like to know.  [He looks down as if suddenly remembering something.]  I-I am al... alright.  [Though his tone on the last word might say otherwise.]
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[As he and his housemate discover quickly on the 26th, they are undergoing several changes, all of them new to Beast.  The larger wings, while more difficult to handle, are overall pleasant to him, finally giving him a white colour spreading into red hues that better suits him than that blue he had before... and moreso, he can fly.  On his own.  Before he was always cautious about flight because he felt a lack of control in it, but with these wings that is no longer a concern... and it is something he never imagined could happen to him, even here.

But what perplexes him more is this new... presence he senses within his form, this other being who somehow manages to, without even speaking in words half the time, communicate him his feelings and tell him what it wants and needs.  And along with that being, while it assures him that it is best to keep low among others, he finds himself drawn to the light around him, discovering that with it he can pierce surfaces or even cut blades of grass if he focuses it properly.  This is mostly what he does whenever he comes out of the house - which ironically is more than usual due to the pleasant weather - and welcoming any curious individuals with an intense gaze or a sulk out of their line of vision.  He will also talk a great deal less to everybody, even people he knows, as his possessor, who calls itself Hyt, concludes that less words means less interaction, and thus less pain.  Thinking of his vanished friends and what happened to Robert, Beast is inclined to agree right now.

However, it isn't long until the truth really begins to hit home - he is using magicIt's being used by him and not to him.  And it comes from this presence, this... strange life that somehow exists without a body, that can control light at its will, and at the same time tells him that there are more like him.  More... more what?  Are they gods, like Saori?  Or yet another... thing that can control magic?

He hesitates from asking now, though... who knows how many out there have this "Twila" in them?  What would they do if they saw him ask something like that to everyone?

But regarding that "Twila" concern... it's time he does something about it.]

((OOC: As mentioned, Beast is possessed by Hyt throughout the entire event.  This means that after the 29th, Hyt is going to be sending Beast out in the daytime to hunt down Twila-possessed individuals and try to stop them... somehow.  Other than that, he will be outside, testing his new magic and his wings, keeping pretty much mute to anyone who isn't Belle... who he will also be keeping an extra-protective watch on in the second half of the week.))

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[Video (Filtered from Belle)]

[Beast appears over the journals looking a little uncomfortable in his chair, constantly glancing around him to make sure no one else is listening.  When he's convinced he's alone in the house, he begins to talk.]

I, uh, j-just remembered th-that... Christmas is soon!  I... I want to get something for... Belle.  But what?

[He scrunches up his face as he tries to think of something.]  I don't know what she would l-like.  A... any ideas?

[And that's when suddenly, without warning, something small and red leaps past the screen and lands next to the journal.  Once it's stopped, viewers can see that it's another one of those elves dressed neatly in a mini Santa suit.]  Ah, so you decided to take up on my offer?  That's wise.

[Beast's mood changes completely.]  I didn't ask because of you!  I already wanted to give Belle a present!

You didn't even remember until yesterday that Christmas was even coming!

I was busy!

Well chop-chop and get at it!  You want You-Know-Who to get you something on that special day, don't you?

[Beast's face drops, clearly concerned about this statement before it quickly returns to its angry expression.]  Père Noël hasn't given me anything for years!


[The rest of the day Lucetians can find Beast reluctantly wandering around Luceti trying to (or refusing to) follow the requests the annoying little elf tucked between his horns is giving him.  He could be anywhere either knocking on people's doors or heading into stores on the search for something or defiantly dipping his head into the fountain to try and rid himself of this literal pain in the neck.]
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[It is a new day.  A new life, almost, for Beast, who has been stuck in House 17 for two full weeks feeling the sickest he's ever been since he was... maybe when he was sixteen.  He doesn't know, he never caught any colds since he became a beast, but this just came on him from nowhere.  He thought about that and he's sure it's from all of the water he waded in after the twister flooded the house and he and Belle had to leave and stay back at the farm until everything was back to normal... because not soon after that was when he started coughing and wheezing, getting a terrible fever, bringing up things he didn't know he could bring up... ugh, he really cannot remember when he last ever felt that sick.  But it has passed... it has finally passed and he can see Luceti outside the confined walls of his house once again.

He can be found anywhere in the village, really, trying to refamiliarise himself with what everything is and what it all looks like.  He will at some point be in the bakery sampling sweets like he used to sometimes do... another time one can spot him near the smithy, wondering whether or not he should go in and actually do what Adele suggested so long ago and get some bigger cooking utensils made for him... someone may even manage to find him in the library - of all places - trying to refresh his reading skills and get back into the routine before he loses it again.  It is seriously no exaggeration to say that he could be pretty much at any location within the village today.

And whenever he is not in or near a building occupying himself, he is left sitting on the edge of the fountain, shifting his back slightly to try and relieve the soreness his wings have from being laid on for so long.  Could it be that he's even... relaxing a little?  Feeling the water?  Listening to the strange conversations the birds are having together?  Yes, he is definitely taking it easy on this normal November day.]

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[It has been a good two months since Beast has made his own feed on the journals - and anybody who hasn't seen him since August will notice that he's much less tired and defeated-looking and a good deal more... chipper.  Yes, chipper might very well be the word that comes to mind here.  In fact, this is probably the happiest he's ever been over the journals.  He can hardly even contain it.]

H... H-Hello, everyone!  I... [Alright, he got that out of the way.  Now, how should he say this?]  So... s-so I see th-that it's September, uh... 12th... which... which means I... i-it's been, uh... a year, since I-I... arrived.  [He's pretty sure it's today anyway.  He remembers seeing the date on the calendar in the Welcome Center when he first came in.]

Since... s-since then, there... m-many of you h-have been kind... friendly... g-good... to me.  A-and I... [Just say it, Beast.]  I-I wanted to say thank you!  It... i-it has been very... nice...  [Except for the Malnosso and all the misery they've brought him lately, but he doesn't care about that right now.]  A-and it... I-I think i-it's really getting better!

[Meanwhile, Belle just happens to be wandering by when she hears Beast speaking to someone through the door. She didn’t know that they had guests. She hasn’t even heard anyone knock on the door. As she nears the door, she tries to hear what’s being said but it’s far too muffled to make out. Finally, she gives up and pushes the door open a little bit before sticking her head in.]

Beast? Who are you talking to…?  [She trails off as she notices the journal in his paw and laughs.]  Oh, excuse me. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was just wondering what you would like for lunch.

O-oh... [Immediately one will notice Beast's immense embarrassment and blushing (if visible) over her presence, looking awkwardly back at the journal then back at her, before quietly answering:]  A... a... a-anything you like.

[And with that Belle's gone as soon as she came and he is left sitting in front of his journal feeling strangely fuzzy inside (and not in the literal sense).]

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[Luceti has once again not seen much of its fuzzy chimera outside House 17 in the last two days.  This is because a certain message over the journals has returned him to the cruel reality of what he can lose here.  Rapunzel is back and their friendship has renewed... but now he has two other friends gone... just out of nowhere, like they were never here in the first place.  Except for one thing, for the ones who remember... who want to remember them.

It is with this thought that Beast comes back onto his journal with a heavy mind and a heavy heart, tightly clutching in one paw both the tiny note Yui left upon her departure as well as the letter cards that Ariel had left for him to help with his reading.]

Ih... i-is it enough t-to... have a memory... wh-when someone... a friend... l-leaves here?

[He closes the message, thinking of just leaving with this question... but then he remembers the other thing left for him and he starts another one.]

Oh, a-and... Y... Y-Yui l-left me a... a-a puzzle.  She... sh-she wanted me to, uh... sh-share it w-with others.  So... i-if you want to... help... I... [He raises his free paw, which likely won't be good at placing puzzle pieces anyway.]  I-I... would l-like it.
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[Residents of Luceti will find over the journals that Beast is not alone in his house today - there is a certain scientist with his journal open in the kitchen as he works on teaching his friend how to bake chocolate chip cookies.]

... Now r-remember... proper safety protocol is v-very important, so do remember to... utilize the oven mitts...

Oh, uh, r-right... [A bit of struggling, but he manages to finally fit the mitts over his huge paws.

There is the sound of an oven door opening and a metal tray sliding onto one of the ramps.]

Now, remember, Beast... the cookies a-are to be... baked for approximately f-fifteen minutes, at a temperature of a hundred s-sixty-five degrees Celsius... [He glances away from Beast then, gnawing his lip a little as he surveys the disaster zone-of-a-kitchen. Too much mess. He needs to clean it immediately. With this in mind, he sidles over to a particularly obnoxious spill on the counter and busies himself with wiping it. Beast should be fine with the rest of the baking, right?

Maybe on another occasion Beast would remember to help Robert, but right now he's too distracted by the delicious-looking cookies he can see through the oven window to think about anything else. Mm, they look so good, even if they're not baked yet... this really will take fifteen to seventeen minutes? But that... that's so long! It's too long. He wants one of these cookies now!

He gets up and checks the settings - 165 degrees. But it looks like it could go higher... maybe if he sets the temperature for higher the cookies will be done faster... maybe he could make them done in five minutes... or even right now! That sounds like a great idea! So he hesitates no more as he immediately sets the temperature all the way up to the maximum - 290 degrees - and then plops himself back down in front of the window to see them bake in all their glory.

Is it working? Is it working? Yes, it's working! He can see the cookies toasting right now... right before browning... then darkening... turning black... oh no they're shriveling what does he do?]

H... H-Hastings...?

[Robert is so engrossed in his cleaning that he doesn't notice the strange, acrid scent of burning at first, but the Beast's voice calls his attention to the forefront, long enough to notice the look on his face.]

... Wh-what is the matter, Beast...?

[Then he looks at the oven, and the problem becomes all too obvious, just before...]


It is a loud enough BOOM for anybody near the house, as well as on the journals, to hear.]

((OOC: Beast just exploded his oven. Action posts will likely include both Beast and Robert, but you can request one or the other in either voice or action posts.))
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[If it weren't bad enough that the Malnosso have drugged up Beast so much during his visit that he has trouble staying conscious, they decided to drop him off behind Community Building 5 - an area he's never explored before his capture.  So when he's finally able to lift his eyes for long enough, strong enough to push himself up to slowly drag his feet out through the trees... he ends up leaning against the wall for several minutes and almost drifts off again.  Ugh, what happened to him?  Where is he?  Why is he outside...?

Wait.  The Malnosso.  They did this!  They're going to pay!  He'll make them pay!  He must find them, he has to-

Aaaand flop back onto the ground.  Mon Dieu, that really hurts!  Ugh, moving is very hard right now, but he manages to crawl his way around... very, very slowly... to the front of the house... the ground feels so much more painful than usual, it's really scratching at his skin... and he feels so much colder... but... but how... why...

He won't be able to tell because he's too half-conscious, but anybody seeing him right now will unmistakeably see what the problem is: He has some bald patches on his body.  Actually, no, there's too much fur missing to call them patches... the only real places that still have fur are on his belly, his tail, his ears, his palms, his heels, and the majority of his head... the rest has the occasional spot of hair and what some would presume to be a careless shaving job.

Once he reaches the front of the building, he struggles to get up again and manages to move several paces before... down he goes again with a loud groan.  However impaired he is right now, he wouldn't mind the help right now.]

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[Ah, a nice quiet evening, in his chair thinking about life... he can almost pretend he's back home.

Except back home the door of his house doesn't just suddenly fly open while a bunch of... what are those?  People-like, puppet things?  And they're in his house, knocking over things, and now they're coming right at hi-]

GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!  [But he's unable to say any more because he's too busy trying to fight off these things and ow, why do they seem so strong?!  During the chaos, he and the droids manage to knock over the table holding his journal, which falls open face-up onto the floor, promptly beginning to record.  Lucetians will manage to catch what appears to be mostly just blurry movements with several huge roars from Beast here and there.]


[And the journal manages to catch several droids holding him against a wall before he roars again and seems to be holding them back enough... only to be tranquilised by one offscreen.  Pause, pant, waning breath before he collapses on top of the journal, the camera showing nothing but a lot of fur.  He is dragged away a few moments later.

At least one of them was nice enough to spot the journal and close it before they left.]

((OOC: Beast will be gone for two weeks while I'm on hiatus.  If anyone who knows where he lives wants to visit his house and take care of it while he's gone, you may post for that here.))

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--> Helios Also Wears an Ugly Sweater
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This is to help me (and anybody out there who cares to) keep track of where Beast has tagged for convenience's sake.  Dates and characters will be listed along with a description.

Sister Account(s)
Prince Adam in his ten-year-old form ([personal profile] barelyevenfriendly)
Prince Adam post-spell-broken/human form ([personal profile] ishumanagain)
Beast as Ron Perlman ([personal profile] tailasoldascrime)


05/01/2013: Don's sick :(
09/01/2013: Can Helios... really help...?
17/01/2013: Beast's surprise 22nd birthday party!
--> D'ohh, thankyou Obi-Wan
--> Beast's thread
--> So Don thinks he can dance
--> Loki makes pretty damn good fireworks so it turns out
26/01/2013-27/01/2013: Fourth Wall Event
--> Beast's post
01/02/2013: Spock's playing very... interesting music...
11/02/2013-16/02/2013: Valentine's Lovey-Dovey Event
--> Rachel, why are you talking to Beast like that?
--> ♫Beauty and the Beast...♫ (finally)
17/02/2013: Valenchoco's Day Event
05/03/2013: Happy birthday Rapunzel!
07/03/2013: Don's going camping... not sure where, but...
07/03/2013: Twilight the bookish princess pony?  How fitting...
14/03/2013: Robert is hurt... and vulnerable... so Beast will take care of him
20/03/2013: ... Luke... is a woman...
26/03/2013: Belle got mallynapped?!
28/03/2013: Don gives a heartfelt thankyou to Beast
31/03/2013: Oh noes, Pinkie Pie's head is in a watering can-!  Wait, what's a watering can...?
24/04/2013: Luke gives Beast the very sad news...
26/04/2013-30/04/2013: NEXT ON The Young and the Wingless...
--> Spock, stop bothering me
--> On the ROOF, there's a Henry?!
29/04/2013: Robert has a similar problem amidst all the melodrama
08/05/2013: But, people can't just make stories, Duck...!
14/05/2013: More Disney More princesses ... Hello, Mulan!
: Fluttershy and Beast and The Search for Sultan!
26/05/2013-01/062013: Spiritual Possession Event
--> 26/05/2013: Belle, and... Nala?
--> Possibly 27/05/2013: Kipinn!Eley, stop bugging me!
--> 27/05/2013: Foo-ko, you're Hyt too!
--> 28/05/2013: Be careful, Faeren!Rudy...
--> Possibly 28/08/2013: Did you just zap me, Tsinku!Daria?
--> 28/05/2013: What is with you Kipinns liking to bother me, Aang?
--> 29/05/2013: Robert, you too?  With Tsinku?
--> 30/05/2013: He's coming after you, Twila!Riku
--> 30/05/2013: Twila!  Don't take Rapunzel!
08/06/2013-12/06/2013: Cultural Fair 2013
--> Twilight, tell me my fortune!
13/06/2013: He's so sorry Rapunzel...
05/07/2013: Panda's back?! >:|
07/07/2013: Helping the Vulcan with useless hands
11/07/2013: With Belle at the stables
12/07/2013: You feeling alright, Foo-ko?
30/07/2013: What is love?  Maron don't hurt me
31/07/2013: Emil, why do I hear Christmas music?
02/08/2013-06/08/2013: Luceti Valley II, Stage 1
--> Adam's Thread
--> 02/08/2013: Spoiled-Brat Adam, meet Spoiled-Brat Pili (continued here)
--> 03/08/2013: He has business with you, Asch (continued here)
--> Possibly 04/08/2013: Training session with "Father" (Jade) (continued here)
--> 05/08/2013: A talk with "Mother" (Shayera)
07/08/2013-10/08/2013: Luceti Valley II, Stage 2
--> Adam's Thread
--> 08/08/2013: No more of this crap, Father!
--> 09/08/2013: Uh oh... h-hi, Aang...
--> 10/08/2013: Robert, what happened to you?!
11/08/2013-13/08/2013: Post-Luceti Valley II Blues
-->11/08/2013: Rapunzel, I was your asshole-brother
05/09/2013: There's an ALADDIN.  In my BED.
10/09/2013: Let's talk about death, Helios
12/09/2013: Marco asks, "What does it mean to be a monster?"
12/09/2013: WHOOPS, accidentally exposed Rudy to the village, sorry Eley!
13/09/2013: Preparing for the party with Belle
13/09/2013: Slumber Party at House 17!  (I'm not even going to bother specifying Beast's threads, he's just... littered all over the place.)
21/09/2013-25/09/2013: Level One Event
--> SMUSH!  12-year-old Aang coming through!
--> Zuko, what are you doing?
--> Rapunzel's hair is long again!
--> Cilan is asking me weird questions!
--> Bitty-Rudy has returned!
--> Beast's thread - SURPRISE he's fine!
--> Please don't be afraid little Pili!

Memes )
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[It's taken him this long to finally figure this out, but it's probably because he's been having trouble believing it... he knows time freezes in your own world when you're here, but he thought that only applies to when things aren't here.  But this can't just be left unknown.  This is vital to him.  One of the most important things to his lifestyle... to his entire existence.

And it's no obvious doubt that the rose should have died by now.  It's been two weeks since his party, and he knows for sure that the Enchantress said "until his 21st year"... no, he has to ask somebody about this.  And not knowing anyone in particular who would know, nor believing his ability with filters is quite strong enough for something this important anyway... no, he's just going to have to be careful with his words.]

... I...



D-does anyone know i-if s... [No, he shouldn't use that word.  Oh no, this is going to be harder than he thought.]

... I-if... c-certain... effects... s-stop... freeze... wh-when we're here.  [He looks at the rose, which is carefully out of anyone in the journal's line of sight.]  Th-that is to say... n-not stop... completely.  Just... freeze.

[Looking over again.  Please someone give him an answer.]
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[While Robert has taught him how to make tea, Beast is still pretty naïve and is growing a little too fascinated with this thing called "ee-lec-tri-ci-tee".  So he's been spending most of his day wandering around the house just... fiddling with cords and poking at outlets.  Yeah, this won't end badly at all.

But this has been interrupted by a lot of extra noise he's been hearing outside... almost like there's a mob outside.  What's going on?  Is there something he doesn't know about?  Why is it so near his house?  He should check it out, shouldn't he. 

Alright, coming outside now, and... oh mon DIeu, that's a lot of people.

Too many people.

... He should just... go back inside now.  Yes.  Sounds good.

Someone stop him.]


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